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Mambakwedza Mutasa

With metal, wood and stone as his medium, Mamba has the uncanny ability to create form, movement and meaning out of a heap of old scrap. His work delights by its freshness and raw, tactile spontaneity. His creative immagination manifests into forms that reflect his inner faith and beleifs - his spirituality and gentle character finding constant expression through sculptural forms.

Born in Zimbabwe in 1974, Mambakwedza was director of the Domboramwari Art Village near Harare for eleven years since 2002  - a place he bought with his brother to find inspiration away from the city life.


Through resident artist programs and exhibiions, both local and international artists were inspired and given the opportunity to work and learn from each other. The vision here is to create a similar learning environment for Hout Bay.

Mamba is our resident teacher and loves passing on his enthusiasm to new learners whatever their level or interest. 



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